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Meet Frank


This is Frank. Frank was born with a learning disability that affects many aspects of his life. At regular schools, once Frank is labeled in class, there appears to be a conscious withholding of education because he slows everyone down. It's bad enough that Frank has a hard time keeping up. Society talks a lot about inclusion. Yet, what is most convenient and commonly practiced is partial or non-inclusion towards individuals like Frank.

If Frank had been given a chance, had not been discriminated, had been given the attention, if his differences were understood, if there had been willingness to teach and work with Frank, Frank is, in fact, capable of being a reliable and skilled individual.

It's hard to face the truth, but it's worse to live in denial. Because the truth is, Frank gains confidence when he learns and grows with others with similar special education need as him. Frank and his friends participate in special education which is not meant to isolate or shelter them from society. But to help them be integrated. It's the crucial foundation to get him and his friends started off in life on the right footing as early on as possible.

Frank learns and live differently from society's norm. And it is that which makes it beautiful. And unique. Here at Axis, we educate many others like Frank and build them up to become employable, to work towards a certain future.