An Education Division of MindSpace

What We Offer

At MINDSPACE we believe that every child should be given the opportunity to learn, to grow, to have good communication skills, to build meaningful relationships with the people around them, and to feel fulfilled. In alignment with the core MINDSPACE values and mission, Axis redefines society's appreciation of needs that are special through developing environments that encourage to attain one's full potential. We provide assistance for students to choose opportunities for success and development of self advocacy.

Supporting community development means to be able to respond to the needs of the community.  This requires a diverse range of offerings for each demographic of community that has a need.  We are continuously developing pathways to support community as we identify areas of need within community.  Since 2014, MINDSPACE has been developing individual components of this solution ecosystem coming together to provide a flexible and holistic solution for individuals in a school setting.

At Axis, we recognise the strengths and potential in all our students. The centre identifies pathways in which individuals are not expected to conform themselves to the setting, but tailor the solutions to their needs. It is a space where anybody and everybody can open up, learn from each other, grow and feel at home. We are investing continuously in building a better future in which each child succeeds and is recognized for their abilities. Axis is an encouraging, caring and supporting environment allowing individuals to grow and develop in remarkable ways through a variety of activities. We focus on the whole child and their strengths and needs in the long term.

Career Preparation

We believe that students with special needs deserve to be taught in the way they learn best. At Axis, we have tailored our classes to be inclusive and individualized to meet a range of learning needs. We aim to build skills that enable each student to reach their full potential in their personal and working lives.

Career Chart

A New Beginning

Our holistic curriculum has been crafted to offer the following

  • An assessment based, customized learning plan with a focus on student interests, abilities, and personal and family goals for the future.
  • Setting the right pace through a smaller and supportive learning environment to make it possible to stay focused, to discover, hone and leverage on the unique strengths of each student.
  • Daily weekday schedules of 6-hour slots where students split their time between learning life and vocational skills.
  • Life skills or career preparation skills - comprising of areas that help individuals work through their personal, social, career and academic development.
  • Vocational skills or career skills - expose individuals to different vocational workshops (gardening, computer, office skills, culinary, café skills, and sewing) that equip them with workplace preparation skills towards sustainable employment.